10th International AQL Conference

and Student Workshops

Advances in Quantitative Laryngology, Voice and Speech Research

Abstract Submission

Instructions for Abstract Submission

1. Abstracts and related information must be filled online using the form below.

2. The title is limited to 120 characters, the abstract should not exceed 250 words, and all fields marked with asterisks should be filled.

3. Choose up to three categories that describe best your proposal from the following: clinical applications in laryngology and/or voice disorders; laryngoscopy and videostroboscopy; high-speed videoendoscopy; kymography; photo optical imaging; 3D laryngeal imaging; measurement of vocal function; ambulatory monitoring; objective voice assessment; modeling and simulation; morphometry and tissue properties of the vocal folds; image processing; acoustic voice and speech analysis; electroglottography; inverse filtering; measures of airflow and pressure; inverse filtering and measures of flow; and signal processing.

4. Choose the type of presentation: Oral or Poster.

5. Submit author information in the order you would like the names to appear. Please provide names, affiliations and emails for all authors.

6. For the corresponding author, please provide full contact information.

7. Abstract submission deadline is February 11th, 2013.

Abstracts must represent original work that has not been published elsewhere. The scientific committee reserves the right to place each paper in the session they judge most appropriate. The abstracts will be used by the committee for determining acceptance, for categorizing the presentation and for planning the program. These abstracts are not intended to appear in the AQL proceedings as submitted.

Acceptance of Abstracts

The AQL Scientific and Organizing Committee will review all submitted abstracts and the corresponding author will be notified of acceptance by March 8th, 2013.

For the accepted presentations please follow the instructions for submission of final 2-page summary papers. Only the final papers will be published in the AQL proceedings! The initial abstracts will not be published!

If you have questions please contact Mrs. Ann Hurley at support@aql2013.com.

For each Abstract, fill out a form: